Rogue Sea

              |    |    |
             )_)  )_)  )_)
---------\                   /---------
  ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    ^^^^      ^^^^     ^^^    ^^
         ^^^^      ^^^

Welcome! This is a 7-day roguelike game, created in a hurry during a pandemic lockdown. Just a few experimental ideas (square bitmaps, spatial audio) stitched together with late-night coding and gruesome coffee amounts. To fully enjoy this experiment, please use a keyboard and turn the sound on.

When you are ready,
press Enter to start the game!

Raster fonts
REXPaint (gumix, Josh Ge)
Vector fonts
Inconsolata (Raph Levien), Merriweather (Sorkin Type)
Freesound (Benboncan, straget, petenice, brennanium135), Soundsnap
Intro image
ASCII Art Archive
all the lovely folks in #rgrd-ot@freenode